Season One: Seattle Before the iPhone #1

Episode #1 - Luke Adamson
Luke talks about blowing up gophers, OmniOutliner, and destroying the world economy.

Episode #2 - John Nack
John talks about Olive Garden, Photoshop, and the Flavawagon.

Episode #3 - Greg Robbins
Greg talks about adding Drag Manager translucency, secret about boxes, and desktop pictures to Macintosh System 7.

Episode #4 - Gus Mueller
Gus talks about going indie, wood-fired pizza, and the Delicious Generation.

Episode #5 - Paul Goracke
Paul talks about contributing to CodeWarrior, the early days of Seattle Xcoders, and getting Think C for $25..

Episode #6 - Tim Wood
Tim talks about how Omni got started and what it was like being a NeXT developer before the acquisition..